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Our Eye Care Services

Experience comprehensive vision care tailored to your needs with our full spectrum of eye care services. From routine eye exams to advanced diagnostic and treatment options for all ages, our dedicated optometrists ensure your vision remains clear and your eyes healthy. Whether choosing your first pair of glasses, managing a complex eye condition, or exploring corrective surgery options, trust in our expertise to guide you every step. At our clinic, your vision is our passion.

Comprehensive Eye Exams

Protecting your vision begins with regular eye health check-ups. Our thorough exams assess your visual acuity and overall eye health. We recommend annual exams to keep your prescriptions current and keep your eyes healthy.

Children's Eye Exam

Early detection is key to managing children's eye health. We create a fun and engaging experience for our youngest patients, ensuring their continued vision development and eye health.

Contact Lens Fitting

We offer personalized contact lens fittings to ensure comfort and the best possible vision correction, featuring options like disposable soft, multifocal, toric, and rigid gas-permeable lenses.

Dry Eye Therapy

Experience relief from dry eye discomfort with our tailored treatment options. We help restore comfort and improve your daily life.

Laser Eye Surgery Consultations

Considering laser eye surgery? We provide expert consultations and follow-up care to ensure the best outcomes for your vision correction needs.

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Who Are We

Meet the Team at Optiks Optometry

Our team of eye care professionals, led by Dr. Kayla Vroom, brings a wealth of knowledge and a passion for eye care to our practice. Learn more about their backgrounds and our commitment to your eye health.

Dr. Kayla Vroom


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Your Vision, Our Commitment

Optiks Optometry uses cutting-edge technology and personalized care to ensure the best vision care experience. We are committed to helping our patients maintain and enhance their vision so they can see life's beautiful moments.


Hear From Our Satisfied Patients

Don't just take our word for it; hear what our patients say about their experience at Optiks Optometry. Our testimonials reflect the trust and satisfaction our patients feel toward our services.

We were impressed with Dr. Vroom’s knowledge and excellent patient interaction/ professionalism.
The office staff was so friendly, had excellent service, and were very knowledgeable .
Seems like a great work place. We’ll certainly recommend others.


I just visited your office today for the first time and I have to say I was blown away. One of the best experiences I’ve experienced in a long time.
The customer service, care and attention was second to none. Very good job. I will always recommend you and your business. I appreciate professionalism and attention to detail. Everyone was smiling, my kind of people. Very good job and very much appreciated.
Thank you


My eyes are feeling MUCH better, thank you.  I didn’t realize just how uncomfortable they were until I felt the relief after Dr. Vroom’s quick and painless dry eye procedure.  
I contacted eight different optometrists, but only two of those that got back to me offered a similar procedure.  Maybe it’s because those optometrists don’t suffer from dry eyes themselves? 
I thought that dry, burning, bloodshot eyes were just my baseline.  That nothing more could be done, that it just had to be endured.  I’m truly amazed at the relief such a simple, non-invasive procedure has brought me.  


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