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Contact Lenses at Optiks Optometry

Contact lenses offer a comfortable and convenient alternative to eyeglasses, providing a natural field of view and unhindered vision. At Optiks Optometry, we understand that each eye is unique. Hence, we offer a wide range of contact lenses to fit your specific vision needs and lifestyle.

The Optiks Optometry Advantage:

The Advantages of Choosing Contact Lenses

Contact lenses offer a host of benefits over traditional eyeglasses:

  • Unobstructed Field of Vision:

    Contact lenses move with your eyes to give you a wider field of view, providing clear vision in every direction.

  • No Distortions or Reflections:

    Unlike glasses, contact lenses do not distort images or produce reflections, offering you clear, natural sight.

  • Ideal for an Active Lifestyle:

    Contact lenses are a convenient choice if you're involved in sports or physical activities as they stay in place and won't get in the way.

Whether you’re playing sports, heading out for an evening, or just want the convenience of not wearing glasses, contact lenses offer a versatile solution.

Your Vision, Our Commitment

Optiks Optometry uses cutting-edge technology and personalized care to ensure the best vision care experience. We are committed to helping our patients maintain and enhance their vision so they can see life's beautiful moments.

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Our Contact Lens Fitting Process

Getting fitted for contact lenses involves more than just determining your prescription. Our optometrists will evaluate your overall eye health and measure your eyes to ensure a perfect lens fit. We'll assess your lifestyle, preferences, and vision needs to recommend the best type of contact lens for you. You'll also have a chance to try on lenses to see how they feel and assess your vision.

Types of Contact Lenses We Offer

At Optiks Optometry, we offer a variety of contact lenses tailored to your unique needs. Our range includes:

  • Daily Disposables:

    Ideal for convenience and hygiene, these lenses are used once and then discarded.

  • Monthly Extended Wear Lenses:

    These lenses are designed to be reused daily for up to a month at a time, with some brands allowing continuous wear, even while you sleep.

  • Toric Lenses:

    They correct astigmatism and come in soft or rigid gas-permeable versions.

  • Multifocal Lenses:

    Perfect for individuals with presbyopia, these lenses offer clear vision at all distances.

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Contact Lens Care and Maintenance

Maintaining good contact lens hygiene is paramount in preventing eye infections. It's important to always wash and dry your hands before handling lenses, use fresh solutions when storing them, and follow the recommended wearing schedule. Our team will provide detailed care instructions tailored to your specific type of lenses.

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Trust Our Expert Team for Your Contact Lens Needs

At Optiks Optometry, our experienced optometrists take the time to understand your individual vision needs and lifestyle. We are dedicated to helping you achieve clear, comfortable vision with contact lenses. Count on us for comprehensive eye examinations, professional contact lens fittings, and expert advice.